Chiropractic provides life for the spine and the body as a whole, helping us to realize our true health potential. Our spine, and the nervous system it protects is one of the most important organs of our body, regulating all movement, healing, sensation, bodily function, and activity. Without good spinal health we grow old before our time and we suffer for it.

The main services of Crabtree Chiropractic Center are of a chiropractic nature. Other services that are available at Crabtree Chiropractic Center are meant to augment your best health: weight loss, massage, and acupuncture.For more information about these partners, please check their page and contact information below.

Core Values and Mission of the practice

1. God is the Great Physician. We are merely the instruments of His healing.
2. The patient’s needs always comes first.
3. We only accept those patients we feel we can help.
4. Our goal is to offer the best chiropractic care available in the most effective, efficient and affordable manner possible with our focus always being on results.
5. Change will happen. When it does we will always respond in a manner that is in the best interest of our patients.
6. We don’t treat any new patient for longer than two weeks unless the patient experiences significant results.
7. Everyone deserves a preliminary no-charge consultation and examination to determine if they have a chiropractic problem.
8. Time is valuable to our patients. We will make the time a patient spends in our office convenient and efficient.
9. It is our duty to educate our patients about chiropractic health, the spine and conditions that affect it so you can maximize your health through our care.
10. We will establish and maintain professional and cordial relations with other healthcare practitioners for the good of our patients and to refer our patients to those other healthcare providers whenever indicated.